Frequently Asked Questions

RDAExpress and eBiblioFile

eBiblioFile records are now being delivered in RDA format with enriched data driven by TLC's RDAExpress service. RDAExpress is a service that converts AACR2 records to the RDA format with up to 20 RDA enriched fields and relator terms. eBiblioFile records incorporate the RDAExpress enrichment at no extra charge.

GMD (245‡h)

RDA standards do not contain the GMD (General Material Designation in the 245 subfield h). By default, eBiblioFile records do not contain a GMD. If you wish to continue using a GMD, you will have the opportunity to select that option as part of the eBiblioFile registration process.

Note: If you are a Library•Solution customer, you will not need the GMD. All the RDAExpress enrichment is incorporated into the Library•Solution products.

How does my library register for eBiblioFile?

Submit the Registration Form or contact your eResource vendor to start the registration process.

Is my library system compatible with eBiblioFile?

Any integrated library system (ILS) that uses MARC records is compatible with eBiblioFile.

How often will I be billed?


Can my library get a free trial of eBiblioFile?

Yes. Go here and submit your contact information. You'll receive an e-mail with up to 25 RDA MARC records for titles you have already purchased from your eResource vendor. These records will link directly to the titles.

How will my library stop getting records from a different source?

Existing MARC record services are turned off when eBiblioFile is activated.

Should my library continue to download "on order" vendor records?

No. Since eBiblioFile records have a unique control number, overlaying records will be difficult. Our normal delivery period is less than 48 hours, if not faster. Downloading a vendor's "on order" records (records inserted into the catalog until actual records are available) will cause duplications when eBiblioFile records are loaded.

When will my eBiblioFile records be delivered?

Records are delivered within two days of eBiblioFile receiving an order from the library's eResource vendor.

Are records delivered for every title in each order?


Can my library get records for previously ordered titles?

Yes. You will be able to select this option as part of the registration process.

How much do eBiblioFile records cost?

Full records are $1 each; minimal records are free of charge.

What are minimal records?

Minimal records contain RDA enhancements and have all the standard MARC fields except topical subject headings. They are only delivered when the eResource vendor cannot provide enough information to create a full record.

What are full records?

Full MARC records are compliant with cataloging standards and contain enhanced RDA fields. Each record is authority controlled and encoded with the appropriate fixed fields.

Are minimal records upgraded to full records?

Yes, if the information becomes available. This will be an option as part of the registration process.

Is a second record delivered if my library orders more than one copy of an eBook?

No. Duplicate titles are eliminated and a record is not delivered.

How are eBiblioFile records delivered to my library?

Records are delivered via e-mail as a zip file to your library's designated contact.

How does eBiblioFile work with OverDrive consortia?

When a consortium registers for eBiblioFile, records are delivered to the designated consortium contact and can then be distributed to member libraries.

How does eBiblioFile work with OverDrive Advantage libraries?

Libraries can sign up to receive records for the titles they order through the OverDrive Advantage program in addition to receiving consortia records. To sign up to get RDA MARC records for your Advantage orders, submit the registration form even if your consortium is already signed up.

Can an Advantage library sign up for eBiblioFile without the consortium?

Yes, although the library will only receive records for the titles they order via the OverDrive Advantage program. To get the most out of the eBiblioFile service, we recommend you talk with your consortium about signing up for eBiblioFile.

Can customized fields be added to my records?

Yes. This will be an option as part of the registration process. Custom field examples

Is there a charge for adding customized fields?


Can customized fields be added later?


Are OCLC control numbers included in the records?


Can individual holdings be added to each record?

No. The 856 (URL) serves as the location and item identifier.