Custom Fields

eBiblioFile can add custom local fields to your MARC records. After a library registers for eBiblioFile, we will follow up with an eBiblioFile Profile form for your customization requests.

In addition to adding fields, the library can choose whether they wish to keep the GMD (245 ‡h), , as well as customize the text of the GMD, the physical description field (300), and the text that will display to patrons for the URL (856).

Some examples of local fields:

092 _ _ ‡aeBook collection
245 1 4 ‡aThe hunger games‡h[ebook] /‡cSuzanne Collins.
300 _ _ ‡aElectronic book
538 _ _ ‡aClick on link to see formats available for this title.

099 _ _ ‡aDownloadable audio
245 10  ‡aCatching fire‡h[downloadable audiobook] /‡cSuzanne Collins.
500 _ _ ‡aAsk at the reference desk for help on using our downloadable collection.
690 _ _ ‡aSmith Library's electronic resource collection.